Steven Zahavi Schwartz

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Creating Sacred Space:
Ecological Design and Building

I look for ways to integrate the human and non-human worlds through design and building craft—projects that help bring quiet, calmness, activated awareness, focus, beauty, resonance, a momentary glimpse of the ineffable into a person's life:

• spaces for meditation and music

• garden rooms

• stringed instruments and other auditory features

• details that catch light in a way that enlivens space

• attention to acoustics

Ecological perspective is inseparable from design that activates perception and allows for the possibility of sacred experience.

Crucial ecological design considerations:

• solar orientation

• thermal comfort

• natural light

• airflow

• access to views

• nontoxic, natural materials and building process

As much as possible I use materials that are close to their source, salvaged, and hand-fabricated.


Available for consulting, design and building projects:

— custom woodcraft, coppercraft
— cabinetry and furniture
— sound structures/integral instruments
— artistic tile design and setting
— framing and finish carpentry
— cob, adobe, fiber-adobe, slipstraw, strawbale
— earth and lime plaster
— living roofs
— landscape integration

• ecological design:

— siting and orientation
— appropriate materials
— sensible energy strategies
— water conservation
— habitat enhancement
— design for human comfort and livability

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