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Steven Zahavi Schwartzdesigner, builder, artist, teacher.

Since the mid-1990s I have been designing and building stringed instruments (mandolins, guitars, zithers, harps), furniture, small structures, and additions, remodels, and repairs for houses; I have worked with architects and other builders on design (development and proposal phase through construction documents and in-progress details and revisions) for houses, mixed-use commercial/residential developments, and proposed educational and civic projects.

I have a Masters in Architecture from the San Francisco Institute of Architecture (, with professional design experience working for architects Eugene Tsui (2006–2007) and Steve Sheldon (2008–2009), and independent building experience—everything from foundations to finish—for a number of clients (references available on request), as well as a continuing informal partnership with Phil Luttrell Artisan Building (CA Lic. # 771055) since 2006.

As a designer and builder, I consider good communication the key to a successful outcome. I listen carefully to clients in order to develop designs that are fully responsive to their needs.


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Steven Zahavi Schwartz
Sonoma, California