Steven Zahavi Schwartz

architecture . ecology . sacred space

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[biographical notes]

Steven Zahavi Schwartz is an independent designer, builder, artist, researcher and teacher who has been intently studying perception and craft for most of his 40+ years. He seeks playful and serious means to deepen our experience of authentic place and bring insight to our interconnectedness with the processes and structures of nature.

In the past 25 years, he has designed and built guitars, furniture, houses, music and art studios, educational and performing arts complexes, gardens, and a hospital/refuge that re-examines what a healing place could be.

Trained in architecture and ecology, and with deep experience of Buddhist, Taoist and Jewish traditions of cultivating mind, body and soul, Steven brings a multifaceted awareness to work that is beautiful, healthful and inspiring. He is strongly committed to creating places that are fully integrated with the lives of their inhabitants and with the local and global environment.

As a designer and builder, he listens carefully to clients, collaborators and the land in order to develop designs that are fully responsive to the needs of the users and the place. "Good design should enhance the magic of a place—it should be a delight, never be an imposition."

He is based in Sonoma, California where he lives with his wife and young son.